Richard Shamoon- Entrepreneurial Tips on Selling Pre-owned Cars

richard shamoon smRichard Shamoon is one of the most successful entrepreneurs, who make a living through selling pre-owned cars. He currently lives and works in Burlington, New Jersey in the United States. He has shared some of his secrets that have made him successful in this field.
Using Questions to Sell
Do not be over-obsessed with selling the product and do so much of convincing to the client. Instead use some questions so that you prospect may be able find the real need of buying a used car. Be fascinated them and try to understand them genuinely so that you can close the deal.
Be Keen on What They Are Not Saying
You must try to discern their mood and you can easily ask them if it is a good time to talk to them. One of the mistakes that sales people make is talking too much without paying attention to how the prospect is reacting. Ensure that they are fully involved in the conversation.
Answer Questions Asked
When you are asked a question about the car, answer briefly and then move on. Do not emphasize on how great the car is; it may appear as if there is some fault you do not want them to unearth.
Be Brief
Refrain from talking too much and focus on essential details only. If you have been keen with the prospect, you may find some key points using their own words. Reiterate the benefits they had indicated they would want to get from the car.
Invite Them to Take Action
Finally, Richard Shamoon says that most sales people pitch to a prospect and leave hanging. This causes you to lose the deal and they may end up buying elsewhere. Ensure that you directly indicate that the ball is in their court and you are just waiting for their response.
Using these simple tips, you can become an entrepreneur and not an ordinary salesperson.


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