shutterstock_58075924ddd.jpgAutomotive industry entails the designing, manufacturing, and selling of motorcycles. The business opportunities in the automotive industry include Automotive Accessories, Automotive Repair, Car Rentals, Car Washes, Auto Body Parts, Motorcycles, oil change and Auto-transmission.

The current trend in the automotive industry has witnessed an increase towards the adoption of Eco-friendly systems. As such, there will be higher demand in the future for specialized parts required for electric cars, hybrid cars, and other Eco-friendly machine parts. Currently, there are few shops with expertise on distributing and fixing parts for these machines.

Richard Shamoon has a rich career history. He has previously worked with Chrysler car dealership. Due to his professionalism, he propelled sales of cars he dealt with way above expectation. His selfless nature made him work as a sales trainer, too, so as to transfer the skills and experiences he had obtained over the years. He also served his duties diligently at Bay King Motors and Car salesman in the same capacity. He has since earned a good reputation as a great salesperson. Richard is also a successful entrepreneur who has made a living out of selling second-hand cars.

He is among the successful entrepreneurs making their living through sales of pre-owned cars currently residing and operating in Burlington, New Jersey in the United States, some of secretes that made him successful according to his sharing includes not inconveniencing the clients so much because you are obsessed with the selling of the product, instead use questions to make the customer find the need of buying what you are selling and when a question is asked, you got to answer briefly and move on without emphasizing on how great the product is

When choosing the particular Automotive business to venture into, it is important to give serious consideration to the shop location, expected returns and the cost implication of the investment. Another critical factor is the unique factors that influence the demand for automotive parts.

For the best prospects in the industry, you should consider franchising as opposed to opening up your shop.


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