Auto mechanics all over the world greatly vary according to their qualifications. Some specialize in a particular field of the mechanism while others acquire the skills to deal with almost every part of a vehicle. People heavily depend on their mechanics when their cars develop problems and need them fixed in a limited amount of time. Hence, they are required to have some core competencies.

Abilities to diagnose problems
A mechanic should be able to take a look at your car and diagnose where the problem is almost immediately. They should also be specific in fixing the problem at hand, for example if one takes a look at your engine, he should be able to know that the oiling system is faulty, instead of just saying that the engine has a problem.

Develop a personal selling approach
Richard Shamoon, while working at Chrysler, developed an approach to selling that made him hugely successful in the automotive world. He mastered the art of selling quality products that kept the consumers coming back for more while bringing along new clients. Richard Shamoon also kept his customers needs in mind, where he knew what the customers required. This enabled him to know what each customer preferred.

Communication skills
One has to have excellent communication skills. They should be able to translate technical and complicated terms into simple English to enable the average customer to understand every single thing.

Updated technology
Technology in vehicles is constantly changing nowadays, and great mechanics need to be up to date with these changes. They need to do broad research to keep up with the technology, even if it means taking refresher courses.

Good mechanics have leadership skills and can take charge when they are needed. They also share their expertise and teach the other mechanics, who may not be as qualified as they are. They guide them until they are competent and ready to work.


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