Automotive Skills


With regard to the automotive industry, success depends on developing a range of related personal skills. These skills enable you to work within a high pressure environment where the demands of time and the exact requirements of clients are very important. This article examines some of the automotive skills that Richard Shamoon can help you develop.


This is the ability for a learner to have sufficient knowledge for diagnosis of any failures that may occur in the cause of operating a malfunctioning vehicle, this entails identifying the cause effect in relation to automotive malfunction, synthesize data and offer solutions.


These are necessary skills to interact with fellow employees, supervisors and customers, they should relate in ways that conform with their social, cultural, intellectual and emotions. These skills help automotive operators to establish unity with customers and colleagues in clarifying, facilitating, coaching, consulting, negotiating and sharing.


This is the ability to work in small spaces, have hand to eye coordination and full range motion, perform diagnostic tests, testing achievement while standing or walking while constantly focusing on task in awkward positions.


Automotive operators should possess both gross and fine motor skills sufficient for providing repair techniques, operating equipment with manual transmission abilities. should have skills to calibrate, remove and install automotive parts that range from small, large, delicate and heavy.


Automotive operators should have auditory ability to help them coordinate with the external environment, audibly relate with coming vehicles and diagnose sound problems.


A visual acuity of 6/6 meters is necessary to observe, discriminate changes in color density, ascertain day and night vision to accurately tell liquid and wire color, read operator manual, observe road signs, gauges, scales and chats.


Following what Richard Shamoon wrote on automotive, these will help learners and professionals to have the ability to present professional appearance and implement measures necessary to maintain ones physical, emotional and mental health.


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