Taking Leverage over the Automotive Business


The automotive industry has been booming for the past several years as man’s insatiable taste over its design and functionality have to be continuously met.

Recently, renowned sales manager, Richard Shamoon has shared some of the principles he abide by that made him a successful key person in the automotive industry.

You too can be successful in this industry as well. If you are a career driven, personally motivated and a very passionate person, then you are on your way to being your own Richard Shamoon.

Here are some key points that one must remember when entering the automotive business:

Know your product

As with anything that you sell, you must educate yourself deeply with the product you are promoting. Know the ins and outs of it, be prepared to answer your client’s queries and be ready for your rebuttal should you been declined.

Know your client

A great sales person always asks and always listens to what his client has to say. Assess your client’s needs, wants, capability and lifestyle so you will be able to introduce a perfect vehicle suited to him.

Expect to be rejected, but prepare a rebuttal

You won’t always have to make a sale in your first pitch. There are clients who will definitely reject your offer. This should not discourage you but rather should challenge you to come back with a strong rebuttal that will convince your client to buy your product. Make him see the benefits and features of the vehicle you are selling.

Emotional selling

How often do we buy a product because its advertisement touched our hearts? Let’s admit it. There are a lot of times when we buy something because our hearts tell us it’s good for us. There’s nothing wrong with tugging at a client’s heartstring every now and then, as long as you still apply the first three tips above.

With these tips in hand, you now have control over your business. Go ahead and make that first sale today!


Automotive after sales – an article by Richard Shamoon


With profit margins in the new car sales business undergoing continual erosion, high revenues no longer equate automatically with high profits. After knowing and investing in automotive Richard Shamoon knew about its actual marketing strategies.  So, as a result, the new car sales business makes only a small contribution to profits. In fact, the after sales business, long time neglected by automotive OEMs in their business strategies, achieves a significantly higher ROS and is often the most important profit pillar. In Germany, for example, the after sales business generates more than half of profits while accounting for only 23% of revenues (including passenger cars, SUVs and light commercial vehicles). Based on a global growing car fleet and an increasing average fleet age in mature markets, market forecasts show a strongly growing after sales market volume from worldwide 412 bn EUR in 2007 to 718 bn EUR in 2015.

This growth is mainly driven by the rapidly growing service demand in emerging markets where new car sales boost the need for after sales services. The highly profitable after sales business attracts new market players, which enter the market with innovative business models. Today, the after sales revenue is divided between four main after sales service provider groups: OEMs, independent garages, service chains and the do-it-yourself-segment. Many mature automotive after sales markets, with the exemption of North America, are similar to Germany where the OEMs are still predominant with more than 50% market share. In the emerging markets (e.g. Russia), grey market after sales services are strongly established and represent the most important pillar of low price services. On the other hand, there is a noticeable demand for high quality services.

As high quality service substitutes still are widely missing in the emerging markets, the OEMs could currently achieve a higher market share in these markets. Given a growing diversification of the after sales offering, the OEMs face a demanding challenge – maintaining their profitable after sales business in an increasingly competitive environment.

Richard Shamoon Best Used-Car Salesman


Richard Shamoon is one of the best used-car salespersons that you’ll find on any day. He combines his charm with great customer service. He will give you the best advice on exactly what you are looking for. You will then be advised of the various steps you will have to take in order to wrap up the deal rather fast.

A great sales person should give you an honest insight into whatever you’re trying to purchase. He is also a successful entrepreneur who has made a living out of selling second-hand cars. He has since earned a good reputation as a great salesperson. He has previously worked with Chrysler car dealership. Due to his professionalism, he propelled sales of cars he dealt with way above expectation.

 It is an art to become the best player to play with automotive market around the globe for value addition in sales. He mastered the art of selling quality products that kept the consumers coming back for more while bringing along new clients.



Introduction Richard Shamoon is one of the most successful business men in the field of selling used cars. He lives and works in Burlington, New Jersey in the USA. Being such a success in the automotive business, he shared some of the tips that made him so successful in the field. Some of those secrets will be discussed in this article.

  • Use questions to sells order to be a successful salesman in this business, one should not be obsessed with selling the product or convincing the prospective client. Instead, ask questions. This will show your prospective client the need of buying a pre-owned car. Strive on fascinating your client and try as much as possible to genuinely understand them so that you can close the deal.
  • Be keen to your client’s body language the body language of a person always speaks volumes. This is the reason why you must discern your client’s mood, in order to know if it is the best time to talk to them about your business. Most sales people often make the mistake of talking too much forgetting to pay attention to the reaction of their clients. You should ensure that your client is fully involved in your conversation. Focus on essential details only. Repeat the benefits and qualities they indicated they were looking for in a car.
  • Answer their questions precisely answer any questions your clients may have concerning the car you are selling. Don’t spend too much time praising the car as this will come out as if there is some problem with the car that you are hiding.
  • Sales pitch lastly, according to Richard Shamoon, most sales pitch to prospective clients are hanging. This leads to them losing the deal to other sellers. Clearly indicate to your client that the ball is in their court, and that you are waiting for their response. I believe these tips will be very effective in helping you to be successful in the automotive business.

Richard Shamoon

Richard Shamoon is a stand out amongst the best business personnel who earn a living through offering pre-claimed auto’s.shutterstock_58075924ddd

Try not to be over-fixated on offering the item and do as such a lot of persuading to the customer. Rather utilize some inquiries with the goal that you prospect might be capable locate the genuine need of purchasing a utilized auto. Be entranced them and attempt to comprehend them really with the goal that you can settle the negotiations.

You should attempt to observe their state of mind and you can without much of a stretch inquire as to whether it is a decent time to converse with them. One of the errors that sales representatives make is talking a lot without paying consideration on how the prospect is responding. Guarantee that they are completely required in the discussion.

Answer Questions Inquired

When you are posed a question about the auto, answer quickly and afterwards proceed onward. Try not to accentuate on how awesome the auto is; it might show up as though there is some flaw you don’t need them to uncover.

Be Brief

Shun talking an excessive amount of and spotlight on vital points of interest as it were In the event that you have been sharp with the prospect, you may locate some key focuses utilizing their own particular words. Repeat the advantages they had shown they would need to get from the auto.

Welcome them to make a move

At long last, most sales representatives don’t plan the arrangement and they may wind up purchasing somewhere else. Guarantee that you straightforwardly demonstrate you are simply sitting tight for their reaction. Utilizing these basic tips, you can turn into a business person and not a customary salesman. Your shopper may tell you they want to think the purchase over In order to save the sale you must begin dealing and ask them, “If I could would you buy today?” Involve your manager in offering them a deal they can’t refuse. You may make several trips to and from the manager but it will be worth it in the end.