Introduction Richard Shamoon is one of the most successful business men in the field of selling used cars. He lives and works in Burlington, New Jersey in the USA. Being such a success in the automotive business, he shared some of the tips that made him so successful in the field. Some of those secrets will be discussed in this article.

  • Use questions to sells order to be a successful salesman in this business, one should not be obsessed with selling the product or convincing the prospective client. Instead, ask questions. This will show your prospective client the need of buying a pre-owned car. Strive on fascinating your client and try as much as possible to genuinely understand them so that you can close the deal.
  • Be keen to your client’s body language the body language of a person always speaks volumes. This is the reason why you must discern your client’s mood, in order to know if it is the best time to talk to them about your business. Most sales people often make the mistake of talking too much forgetting to pay attention to the reaction of their clients. You should ensure that your client is fully involved in your conversation. Focus on essential details only. Repeat the benefits and qualities they indicated they were looking for in a car.
  • Answer their questions precisely answer any questions your clients may have concerning the car you are selling. Don’t spend too much time praising the car as this will come out as if there is some problem with the car that you are hiding.
  • Sales pitch lastly, according to Richard Shamoon, most sales pitch to prospective clients are hanging. This leads to them losing the deal to other sellers. Clearly indicate to your client that the ball is in their court, and that you are waiting for their response. I believe these tips will be very effective in helping you to be successful in the automotive business.

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