Taking Leverage over the Automotive Business


The automotive industry has been booming for the past several years as man’s insatiable taste over its design and functionality have to be continuously met.

Recently, renowned sales manager, Richard Shamoon has shared some of the principles he abide by that made him a successful key person in the automotive industry.

You too can be successful in this industry as well. If you are a career driven, personally motivated and a very passionate person, then you are on your way to being your own Richard Shamoon.

Here are some key points that one must remember when entering the automotive business:

Know your product

As with anything that you sell, you must educate yourself deeply with the product you are promoting. Know the ins and outs of it, be prepared to answer your client’s queries and be ready for your rebuttal should you been declined.

Know your client

A great sales person always asks and always listens to what his client has to say. Assess your client’s needs, wants, capability and lifestyle so you will be able to introduce a perfect vehicle suited to him.

Expect to be rejected, but prepare a rebuttal

You won’t always have to make a sale in your first pitch. There are clients who will definitely reject your offer. This should not discourage you but rather should challenge you to come back with a strong rebuttal that will convince your client to buy your product. Make him see the benefits and features of the vehicle you are selling.

Emotional selling

How often do we buy a product because its advertisement touched our hearts? Let’s admit it. There are a lot of times when we buy something because our hearts tell us it’s good for us. There’s nothing wrong with tugging at a client’s heartstring every now and then, as long as you still apply the first three tips above.

With these tips in hand, you now have control over your business. Go ahead and make that first sale today!


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